Find/Replace in Perspective Tabs

Is there a way to use Find/Replace on one Tab in the Tab container? If not is there a way to select multiple items and only Find/Replace on those objects?

Also, is there a way to group objects in Perspective?

No. Find/Replace is done at the resource level, so you'd be replacing all instances in the entire View. Usually, I recommend that people develop each Tab of a Tab Container such that each Tab is its own View, using an Embedded View as the "child" of the Tab.

Find/Replace allows for specifying that only individual instances should be replaced. You can't bulk edit, but you can find the usages you want to change and do them one at a time.

No. Individual components do allow for wrapping them in a Container, but there is no "grouping" mechanism analogous to Vision's implementation. Copy/Paste is the best avenue for this, but beware that positional settings are unlikely to be retained, and any binding or scripting references are also likely to break as the referenced absolute paths no longer resolve to the original location.


Thanks for the prompt, succinct reply. I won't spend time looking.

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One option you DO have is to copy the JSON of the container you've placed within a single tab, paste that into your favorite text editor, replace anything you're trying to replace, and then paste the modified JSON back into the Designer.