Find/Replace Tag Value Question

We are interested in searching for a tag value within a project. We have a number of string tags within UDTs that hold values we may need to find through the course of our development. We have tried using the Find/Replace option in the Designer, but it only seems to find tag names and not their values. Is it possible to search for the tag value of a string tag within a UDT?


Unfortunately no, tag values are not searchable using find replace.

You should be able to accomplish this through scripting using system.tag.browseTags, and system.tag.write.

If you have a lot of tags this could be a long running script though.

Or you could export your entire tag tree, do your search & replace, then import it back.

I was able to do this using system.tag.browseTags, and system.tag.write as suggested below.


How about trying to find all the places where a Tag is set?
I have where the TagValue is collected but I don’t know who/where/how/when it gets set.