Find running process OR see if specific computer user logged in?


Which would be the best way to see if a specific .EXE is running or if a specific computer user where the gateway runs at, is logged in?

Customer wish to see in the hmi weather the server is logged in (so a specific file process can run and works).
Just now someone had accidentilly logged out the server which closed the required exe.

The best way would be to run the process as a service. Then no user has to be logged in.

Then, use a task to ensure the service is running.


I added a small timer to the current program i have at the server (that has to run as user and not service) due to mapped folders etc.
I modified the program to write a textfile where ignition gateway can read, and then i check if last time stamp in that file is over 60 seconds on, then i throw up a red sign at the client view stating the server is not ok etc.

Similar to your suggestion, but not a service thought.