Find / Search Is not Working well in Ignition 8.1.27

We Recently Upgraded Ignition from 8.1.12 to 8.1.27. after the Update, the Find option in the designer is not working properly. Even a straight forward Tag search, Named Query search is not returning any result event after applying correct filters.

Have anyone else faced this same issue? Not sure if its because of faulty Installation during Upgrade or something.

Also there were few Internal tags deleted after upgrade. It seems strange.

Looking for a help and thanks in advance

There's a corrupt binding most likely in one of your (views/windows/templates)

Hi @nminchin, As you said it worked!! if we drill down to the particular window and apply search.

But is it not a bug?? What if i am not sure where all it is used and want to search a Component or a tag throughout my project?

I Imported the same project in a different Ignition version(8.1.19) it is working fine. Is it a bug in Latest Versions I.e 8.1.27??

Thanks to You :slight_smile:

We should really get a project backup off to IA support so they can investigate the cause. If you can send off your original 8.1.19 project which didn't have the issue until upgraded to 8.1.27, that would most likely help the most.

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