Find tag node for log error

I have logs showing nodes seeming not found. I understand this likely means a tag that isn't available anymore. The problem is finding the broken tag.

I have searched the PLC referenced in the log, and don't find any problem tags. The line has been broken into multiple projects, so possibly a mistake of it copied into another. Is there anyway I can find the problem tag name using the log? That way I should be able to search for it in each project. I am fairly new to ignition.

Yes I am also getting the Bad_ServiceUnsupported, I included that just incase it is the actual root cause of the log

Hi Tim,

What device are you connecting to that shows these errors? There are some loggers that can be turned up in order to help find where this tag is coming from, but we would need to know the device type.

These log messages don't actually have anything to do with a tag not being found - they're happening after you've lost a connection, and then reconnected, to some OPC UA server you have configured a connection to in Ignition.

They're indicating that this server doesn't support a certain service and method we use after reconnecting to try to get data that was missed before just creating new subscriptions.