Finding Components on Other Windows in ignition without open the another screen

Hi following is the script for Finding Components on Other Windows in ignition, but for “system.gui.getWindow” you need to open continually open the another screen, so is it any other way that i will get the component data without opened the another screen ?

try :

window = system.gui.getWindow( "Other Window" )

text = window.rootContainer.getComponent( "Text Field" ).text

print text

except ValueError:

print "Other window is not open

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The way to share values between windows is to create and use a client tag. You can do this in the Tag Browser. These act like global variables.

No. The component and its data doesn’t even exist if it is not open. If you need a component’s content to be available all the time, you need to bind the component to a tag. Use a Vision client tag if you only need that data shared within the single client. Use a normal Ignition gateway tag to share that data across the entire system.

(There are other, scripted, options for persistence, but are more complicated and should only be used when tag bindings don’t suffice.)