Finding out Projects with Vision and Perspective

Hi guys, I have a doubt in which I have a 3 projects in my gateway, one is vision only, one is perspective only one is having both vision and perspective. so now I know since there is only 3 projects in there with this configuration what if there are lot of projects with different categories like I mentioned.
My query is that is there any way to find whether if the project has both vision and perspective available,vision only, perspective only by using any script or any other method. whether the project has both of them.

For Perspective, you may be able to use the getProjectInfo function:

The documentation says it can be run in the gateway scope, but doesn’t detail how that affects the returned value (will it include top level dictionary keys with project names, followed by the keys listed in the documentation? Unclear). You may need to play around with it.

Not sure there’s an equivalent script for Vision - someone else may be able to chime in.

Thank you for the support, Yes that project info I’m getting I need information regarding if the project contains both the vision and perspective. I can get details of project independently, but need to get this as otherwise. just needed the information on how we can get details of it.

You might be able to use get windows for vision and something similar for views in perspective . From
That you could tell if it had both, one or another. I’d have to look into tomorrow if someone doesn’t reply quicker

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Thank you very much, yeah this similar concept I need.I checked and couldn’t find similar functions with respect to that. It will be very helpful you can come up with a solution.

I don’t see anything in regards to my idea. But I did find this post which should work for you.