Finding References in Child Projects? Inheritance Question

Is there an easy way to get a list of all child projects that reference a resource in an inherited parent project?
e.g. we have a parent project that provides shared scripts to a number of child projects. If making a change to a function in one of these shared scripts it would be nice to have an easy way to find all child projects that reference this function without needing to open every child project to perform a search
(Yes, we maintain documentation of the project family, including references, but this documentation doesn't always get updated in a timely manner and sometime dependencies are missed).


You can look at the project directory on the gateway. The final project contain only the overrided ressources.
Other one are in the parent project.

This only tells me if a child project has overridden a script in the parent.
If the script doesn't exist in the child parent's project folder it means the child is referencing the parent script, but I still have no way of knowing which (if any) functions that child project is using from the parent script - unless I open each child project in Ignition and do a 'Find' for the specific function.
I don't think there is a way to do what I am asking unfortunately. Unless I am misunderstanding you?

Perhaps an Idea....not tested
Add an entry with system.util.globals in each import with the script lib name.

Print globals will give you the list of used script.

But not sure all used script are imported for example when a view is not loaded.

You could create a decorator that would capture the project name and call stack at function entry, then build stats accordingly. Probably want to write into a persistent dictionary.