Finding the right path to view

Need some advice here.

I have these three views:


From the Items view, I open the CheckOut with a script action, perspective.openPopup, where the path ="Page/CheckOut".

Trying to open the same view from ItemsTest, path ="Page/CheckOut" does not work.

Full script:
system.perspective.openPopup("itemSignoutId","Page/itemSignout", params={"p_item"[0].ItemID}, showCloseIcon = True, resizable = True)

same ID, same params, same value

I've tried opening another view in the Page folder, and that does not work either. So, is there a way to climb back up the tree to a parent folder and open up a view? For instance, using .. similar to MSDOS?

Well, apparently (somehow) I missed including one column. I was sure I added it to both views (using a break point container, with two embedded views), but the Designer said "you're an idiot!" lol.