Finding what UDT Data-Type an instance of that type is

What sciript can we use to figure out what parent data type?

The system.tag.getConfiguration() doesn’t seem to give me that information for this specific instance of a UDT:

# This example will get the configuration of a single tag
# Update the path here with the tag path you're trying to reach
path = '[UGC_Upstream]Emerson Series 107 Program 2/FCB 7403/2ND AFTERFLOW'
# Get the configurations
tags = system.tag.getConfiguration(path)
for tagDict in tags:
    # Iterate over the dictionary with the iteritems function
    for key, value in tagDict.iteritems():
        # Do something with the keys and values
        print key, ' : ', value

historyEnabled : True
dataType : Float4
historyProvider : Ignition_Utah_Oil_and_Gas_Corp_DB
path : [UGC_Upstream]Emerson Series 107 Program 2/FCB 7403/2ND AFTERFLOW
opcItemPath : {bindType=parameter, binding={Meter_Name}.SOFT_POINT.DATA_17:4}
tagType : AtomicTag
engUnit : psi
valueSource : opc

Can you add a property to the UDT and put the name into that? Then read that out?

Sure. But I’m just wondering if there is a specific function that I’m missing that actually returns that


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If you read the Tag + ‘.UDTParentType’ it will return the UDT Type.

#Tagpath must be the main UDT TagPath
system.tag.readBlocking([tagPath+ '.UDTParentType'])