Finding YAML for Geeni Dot Smart Plug WW117

I installed Travis Cox API module I found on github.

Hello folks that probably understand what I'm about to ask at an entirely different level.

I'm learning Ignition and am working on connecting and communicating to devices. I was looking for devices at my home that I could build my own SCADA to connect to. I have the devices IP addresses on my network and have opened ports for them so that my Ignition project can see them (I can see them in Ignition Gateway). I've also added an API module to Ignition to be able to communicate with devices connected to my project. That API module needs a YAML or .yml file to function. I'm looking for the YAML for Geeni Dot Smart Plug WW177 or perhaps a JSON that I can convert to YAML to experiment with.

I have the Geeni app connected to the device (turns it on/off) and minimal information available from the app. The Virtual ID, IP address (not the actual IP address; found it separately on my network), and Mac Address.

Anyone work on this already or know how to go about discovering it (the YAML)?