Fire click on current position (onMouseOver)

I'd like to add a onMouseOver event to a table so that it clicks on the position of the mouse. This way, the selection data will be updated when a new row is hovered. How can I do a mouse click from the script?

I'd rather get the row id, or the hovered value, but I reckon that's not an easy task.

Will need some js, here i do someting like that i guess.
you'll just have to use onhover to trigger something similar.

I find it very weird behavior though, seems like not something you really want to do for user experience idk... Be sure to make these selectors only work when a class/id is applied cuz you definitly dont want this behavior on all tables


I used your example of the drag and drop equipment schedule and added downtimeEvents binded to the clicked row. Clicking the row to see the downtimeEvents (machine preferences by color) is annoying as the user only has to drag the row, not click it. That's why I wanted to display the downtimeEvents on hover.

Thanks for the other post, I'll look into it :slight_smile: