Firebird Database Connection

Hi All,

I have a need to connect to a Firebird database. I’m wondering if anyone out there would be able to assist with some guidance on how to get this connection working.


We have done this. Have you got the Firebird JDBC Driver installed?

Hi Jonathan,

Yes I have downloaded jaybird 4.0.6 JDBC driver and have created a new JDBC driver on the in Ignition with the following data.

I uploaded the following JIC files from the downloaded driver ZIP to the newly created Ignition driver:


I have entered the following for the driver fields:

Name: Jaybird 4.0.6
Desc: Driver for Firebird Database
Class Name: org.firebirdsql.jdbc.FBDriver (Not sure if this is correct)
Driver Type: FIREBIRD
URL Format: jdbc:firebirdsql://host[:port]/
URL Instructions - Blank
Default Connection Properties: Blank
Connection Property Instructions : Blank
Default Validation Query: SELECT 1
Default Translator: MSSQL

I’m not sure if I’m on the right path with what I’ve done so far.


Couple things to change.

URL Format: jdbc:firebirdsql:host[/port]:/path/to/db.fdb

Example: jdbc:firebirdsql:\dbLocation\dbFile.fdb

Default Translator should be Firebird also

Thanks Jonathan,

I’ll check these settings, I don’t think it gave me an option to select Firebird as the default translator. I’ll check again.