Firewall Guide?

Does anyone have a guide to setting up a Firewall for an Ignition System?

It would be nice to have a central place (Knowledge Base article or other) that has

  1. all default ports for Ignition features listed with
  2. what functionality they are for, and
  3. where to find the setting in Ignition to either confirm or change.

I guess not. Here is one I made. Let me know if I missed anything.

Ignition Firewall Settings.pdf (510.3 KB)


Ignition’s native Ethernet/IP support only uses TCP port 44818. My Ethernet/IP Suite uses the full set. While you may need to open ports between different LAN segments within a plant, these ports (and similar) should never be opened to the outside world.

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True. The WAN I mention in the guide is for multi-site systems that have a VPN WAN. Those ports are open for site to site connections, but not to the WWW. I’ll have to clarify that.

MQTT & MQTT Sparkplug_B ports at 1883

It’s also worth noting that since the original post in 2017, we have released a port reference as part of our standard documentation. You can find it in the user manual.

For Ignition 8.0:
For Ignition 8.1: