First cell in report not populating with data


I have built out a report that shows certain data given the cell i put the parameter in. Although, I have one cell at the top that does not want to bring in any information when I see it in the DB. Any ideas as to what would cause this error? I will post the screenshot to better explain my issue.

It is right under the “MGD” column.

All other cells populate as intended, any help would be greatly appreciated!

It may help if you showed that portion of the report from the Design tab so we can see how it works and what you have entered into that area.

However, usually I find that I have a typo in my Design or Data tabs as something in my query doesn’t quite match up, like using an aliased column name.

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When trying to troubleshoot reports, the first thing to do is look at the right hand pane in the preview tab. This shows the data that’s been brought into the report, and is a good check that you are actually bringing in the data you think you are.

If the XML looks okay, the issue is with the design of your report. As @jwilliams said, we can help you better with that if you also post a screenshot of your design – both the design of the report and what the configuration for that particular cell is.

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I should have added that in the original, my apologizes! Here is the screenshot of the Design tab:

Let me know if you need anything else!

Thank you for the valuable suggestion! I did go and check the XML and notice that the first row (row 0) is showing a null value for just the first row, but all other rows populate as intended. I will post a screenshot to better explain as well!

Thank you

Well, there’s the issue. Now you get the fun of figuring out why it’s null. :slight_smile:

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Indeed! Would it still be a data issue if all the other cells below that one populate? Or would this be more of a design problem?

Thank you!

Depends on whether you want to show the value is NULL or you shouldn’t have the NULL at all.

If you want to show the NULL, look at the NULL format property for that object. The default should be “N/A”, but if someone erased that, you would get the behavior you see.

If it shouldn’t be NULL at all, you need to look at both the underlying data and your data sources and figure out what’s going on.

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Yes it should not be NULL. I am going to do some more troubleshooting to see if I can pinpoint the issue. Thank you for all the information!

Just an idea but go to your SQL Server and try to pull that usage value using a select statement. It looks me like your database is reporting it as a NULL value and not the report/designer since all of the other cells below it have a value…

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Thank you for the suggestion! I did go to the DB and ran a SELECT with the same query and just filtered the month and year. I do have a value for the “Usage” column, although it still wont show in the report itself

Here is the Query from SSMS

Here is the report with the same date and values

Let me know if you need anything else!

Are you sure it’s the same query? Ignition isn’t in the habit of changing queries on you.

If you’re sure it’s the same, check your gateway logs (use the MDC keys to narrow it down) and look for any helpful log messages.

You can also set the gateway.database.SELECTS logger to TRACE (for a very brief time, it’s very noisy) and see the exact query Ignition is issuing to your DB.

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Solution was instead of calling the actual view itself, I called the query. Something in the background always makes the first value of that column null even if there is data in the view.