First Ignition project ! : NEED HELP on groups of roles

Good morning Gentlemen,

We started our first project on ignition for our client that is asking for a specific way to manage users and roles.

Actually he want to create groups, assign roles to these groups, and assign the users to groups.
Here what the client asked :

Users -> Organization Group -> Group Access -> roles

The users will be linked to Organization Group, Linked to Group Access to witch we assign roles. [color=#FF4040]The objective is to manage the roles via organizational groups ( in an SQL table) and not by users.[/color]

The client is asking to use the active directory for the authentication and want to synchronize a group of users of the active directory with the users of ignition.

  • We have the idea to use the AD/Database Hybrid as user source, and create the roles “automatically” based on the group access and organizational groups to the different users. these tables will be created separately.

Our question :

  • Does our approach is the best way to do it?
  • Is there any way to create group of roles in Ignition?
  • Is it possible to still keep the synchronize only some users from the AD?
  • Is it possible to extract the user status from the Active directory? ( if a user is not active on the AD, it should not be anymore on Ignition)


In Ignition, group == role, and the application developer is responsible for checking for group membership anywhere in the application it would be required. What you are describing is another layer that would have to be implemented externally. However you proceed, you’ll want to generate some shared scripts to check group/role memberships in a consistent way.