Fix the size of config.idb

is the size (more than 1.27GB) of config.idb normal? I’m sure our project file is not that big 。
so I delete all datas from the table “project_resources” in config.idb and import global and project backup,then the size looks as it should be.

image ![image|566x84]


No, that would be unusually large. Long ago, with HSQLDB, there were problems with stale data accumulating. I haven’t seen that since the switch to SQLite. The other potential culprit is retaining many rows from SQL Bindings in component dataset properties. That usually results in slow window load times–a clue if that might have been your problem.

One reason I can think is export and import the .proj backup from different ignition versions (7.9.12 & 7.9.14) to each other frequently. maybe this is an incorrect operation

Going backwards doesn’t work out of the box, and hacking a newer project file to be accepted by an earlier version is prone to problems.

Also, 7.9 is prone to accumulation of data in the PROJECT_CHANGES table, especially multiplied by the stale cached Vision data problem.

Is the problem with project_changes table causing the idb size to grow to abnormally big size resolved yet? if not, is there a plan by IA to fix it? We recently had a prod issue because of this and we literally had to export each and every project, delete them and re-import them. In this case, i had the gwbk file reach over 1GB and we were able to reduce it to less than 300mb with this process.

It’s fixed in 8.0+ by virtue of projects not being stored in the internal DB… I don’t know if it will be, or can be, fixed in 7.9.

Thank you Kevin for the quick response. On high level, is there any major concern we need to be aware of in upgrading to 8.0+ from 7.9.14/7.9.17? fyi…Our projects are entirely in VISION and have not adopted perspective yet or plan to in the near future.

Staying on Vision is completely fine, but there are a long list of changes in the upgrade from 7.9 to 8.x that may or may not affect you.

See Ignition 8 Upgrade Guide - Ignition User Manual 8.1 - Ignition Documentation

@nminchin also started documenting some things he encountered: Undocumented changes when migrating from v7 to v8

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