Fixing column widths in table component


I am trying to get a table to display with my pre-determined column widths.

When I click on the ‘Column Attributes Data’ property and view the dataset I can see the width property. I can’t seem to change it though. Other properties can be changed here.

A tried binding this property to a SQL table and could then change the widths at will. In the process I think I may have the datatype of one of the columns wrong because I start getting a bug when trying to select columns and rows while this binding in the SQL table has been made…

Anyway, this a quite a big step (binding to table) to take just to fix the column widths, maybe there is something I am missing here?


Here’s one way to specify column widths explicitly.

Look at the ‘internalFrameActivated’ script for the attached window.

The script adjusts the column widths by altering the column attributes data for the table component when the window is opened.

IA Folks: It would be nice to be able to adjust column widths on the Table Customizer or through the properties window. Or am I missing something?

Yeah, this is one of those, “its so simple, no one ever figures it out” things. We’ve got to make this more obvious…

Put the window in preview mode, adjust the column widths by simply dragging the column headers. Go back to design mode. Then (and this is the weird part) open the table customizer and hit OK. The current widths are saved when the customizer is committed.

I just thought it was one of those “it’ll be fixed in the next release things” :stuck_out_tongue: :laughing:

Oh yeah, those are my favorite :wink:

it works! great forum.