Fixing components position in a coordinate container set to percent mode

Hi All,
I have an image as the backbround which i am using on a coordinate container in percent mode. The image resizes when the window size changes perfectly. No issues here.
However I have labels and tags to go on the different sections of image as overlays. when set in percent mode, the background resizes throwing the labels out of position.

Hoping to find a way to fix those labels' positions on a coordinate container set to percent mode.

You can use % in your labels x and y position properties. Is that enough ?

edit: You might also need to resize the labels, using % there too, so that they match the background image when it resizes.

Tried that. In the designer it looks fine see pic below -

However since it is a coordinate container set to percent mode - as soon as i view it in runtime - see image below- A huge gap appears between the label and the equipment -

Setting mode to percent is only part of the process, you then need to set the aspectRatio. Try taking width/height from the view and setting the ratio from those values.

If the width = 1600 and the height = 900, then the ratio 1600:900