Flash the background

I would like to flash the background of a Text Field when that enter more characters then the max allowed. This is what I have right now:

import time
from java.awt import Color
TextField = event.source.parent.getComponent('Text Field')
startingColor = TextField.background
errorColor = Color(255,128,128)

if event.propertyName == 'text':
	print len(event.newValue)
	if len(event.newValue)>event.source.parent.MaxCharacters:
		event.source.text = ''
		TextField.background = errorColor
		TextField.background = startingColor

I found that this wont work becuase of the way the time function fires but can not think of another way to do it, any suggestions?

Definitely don’t call sleep from a GUI thread.

I would use an expression binding on the Text Field background instead. You could look at the current time in seconds and use a modulo operator to accomplish what you want.

Edit: Sounded like fun so I just went ahead and did it myself.

if((len({Root Container.Text Field.text}) > {Root Container.Text Field.MaxCharacters}) &&
(getSecond(now(1000)) % 2) ,
Color(255,128,128) , "White")

As a different approach, I changed the custom property to hold the length of the text. The style customizer than then be used to adjust setpoints and animations.

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Thank you both for you replies. going to try this now.

To expand on the sleep() thing, because I didn’t know this and almost did a bad with the project I’m working on:

That thread gives the reasons why you shouldn’t use sleep() and a few workarounds