Flashing buttons depending on Alarm priority

Hello Ignition Forum!!

So, I am working on a project with a very big amount of alarms and i am trying to set all the alarming system with a way to be very simple for an operator to manage it.
I have 15 stations to control with its equipment inside so in my main window i have 15 buttons for each control panel of the stations.
All the alarms are separated in 3 priorities (Low, High, Critical) with the specific coloring (blue, yellow, red)

My aim is to group the alarms by each station and when an alarm is triggered in a station then the station’s button should be flashing with the specific coloring depending on the priority.
If there are more alarms in a station with a different priority then the flashing color button should be that with the highest priority.

So, can i make a button flash by occasion?