Flat Monitor/ Panel PC for Food environment

Dear All,

we are looking to implement ignition as our visualization system but we have some difficulties to find the right monitor or panel PC.

Have anyone experience on that type of device with food/beverage certification.
The major of our business is in Europe but we have also few customer in US/Canada.

Those device will always be mount on panel and not used as standalone unit.

Thanks in advance


We have good experience with the Siemens Simatic Industrial Flat Panels series in a food and beverage environment. Decent price and not one failure across about 50 panels over 3 years. I always use a PC to a monitor, not an IPC, as the monitors outlast the PCs.

I'm curious about the requirement for food and beverage certification. A hygienic rating, like 3A? I've never actually seen a certification for such hardware, just mentions of smooth surface etc.

I'd be very concerned in your product comes into contact with the panel

Thanks for your feedback @deon.korb I was thinking about those also.

But I think there is glass part in the panel and in food this is not allowed and also the lower size is 12" but that's a minor issue

I agree on the fact to keep pc and monitor separate even for service purpose.

The panel in placed near the dosing system so that's why we are very concerned about product with glass on it.