Flex Container Height Behavior

I currently have a table that I am wanting to grow vertically as it populates. I am also wanting the view to be mobile responsive so I am using a Flex Container to scale things as the view area is adjusted.

The problem I run into with these two goals in mind is that the parent view will not not expand past 100% of the view height.

What is the behavior of a Flex Container that is used as the root container in a view?

The grow and shrink properties should usually remain unchanged at runtime. If you're looking to adjust how much space is given to something, you should look into modifying the basis of the component. In your scenario, I would modify the basis of the Table based on the number of rows you want displayed while leaving shrink as 0 and grow as 1. This essentially sets the Table to be non-responsive and "sets" the height based on your deterministic conditions.

What you're most likely encountering is that even if you set grow values which are high compared to other components there is only so much space to grow into; without modifying the basis you'll eventually reach the upper limit of how much anything can grow.