Flex container with wrapped children: re-ordering

I'm often struggling to re-order items that are wrapped within a flex container.

The "move backward/forward relative to ..." buttons don't help, they simply act like the "move to the back/front" buttons.

Is it on the roadmap to improve the situation with wrap? Now I work around it by using one flex container per row/column instead of using the "wrap" feature.

Cut and paste works.

Flex container reorder

Cut & paste merely puts the pasted item at the end of the container.

I'm talking about something like so, and then trying to move eg. flexSKU after flexNumero. It's near impossible.

flexSKU is already after flexNumero. Can you be more clear?

oh you’re right! Then let’s say you’re trying to switch flexEngUnit with flexSKU. When dragging one or the other, the dragged item will spaz out.

When I do stuff similar to this, I put a column container inside the flex container.

Makes it easier then to resize things based on devices as you change the layout for small, med and large.

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Flex container reorder


@Transistor Ah I understand now. Nice trick, thank you.

Is this not a bug? Is Z-height not reflected in the order items appear in the left tree?