Flex Repeater and Column Container

How do I get benefit of the column container along with the flex repeater. For example, if I have a list of work orders from a database and each work order has several pieces of information then how can I get the work order information to appear on any screen size while populating the screen with all the work orders. In Vision I would simply bind the database table to a template repeater. But unlike the Vision template repeater I would like each repeated view in Perspective to auto configure to the screen size. I looked all over the docs and the university for this and I cannot figure it out. I’ve tried all sorts of combinations of containers and nesting containers and yet I’m totally stumped.

Definitely the flex repeater.

create a flex view where you for example place a label and bind that to a parameter: WorkOrder
then use a flex repeater with that flex view and bind the instances to a named query where you put in the query you also use in the vision. (make sure the name of the column is also the name of the parameter)

set the label in the view and the flexrepeater to grow: 1
Set the use of the default view witdh to false on the flex repeater

Sorry for the late reply… I haven’t used perspective in a while, but I think you would use a breakpoint container with a nested column container. Then set the arrangement of your row fields for each of the breakpoint widths. I’m probably missing a step somewhere in there…