Flex Repeater Instance Height

Hello There,

I am currently using a Flex Repeater and I have one instance where the height is not the same as the template that I am using. (You will see this highlighted in red). This causes vertical scroll bars to appear.

Is there anyway I can make it automatically load the correct height? Basically we are feeding a list of window paths into the template and having the flex repeater display them all. All of the windows excluding this one are the same height.

Thank You

If any clarification/further info needed please let me know.

The Flex Repeater only displays parameterized templates of one View path, so it seems like what you’ve highlighted is actually only part of an instanced View. you should look at the View being instanced and make sure that the highlighted part of the View has enough room to render in the View while at the default height, and then make sure the Flex Repeater has useDefaultViewHeight set to true.