Flex repeater instance set dynamic in perspective

Hi guys,

Any idea how to fix this?

In my case, two named queries one is the total quantity (instances), and another one is the details of the quantity (instances).

if it is a total quantity of 36 (first screenshot) then in the flex repeater total instances are 36. In total 36 instances, 5 instances of details are available (second screenshot) showing in particular component and the remaining 31 components (instances) display blank.




Going to need a lot more information to begin to help with this (we're not omniscient).

Firstly, what is populating your (2) flex repeater?


This is the template (set dynamic):


This template repeats 36 times but only the first 5 template display name remaining 31 template display blank.

Fix what ?

This doesn't help... I ask again, what is producing your flex repeater instance prop? (and what is the resulting value of your flex repeater instances prop?)

Consider, if I asked you what was wrong with my script, and gave you only the result of it, would you be able to tell me what's wrong with the script? (the answer is no, if it's not obvious, because I didn't give you the script to analyse)

Please, write your questions with other people in mind. We don't know your project, we don't know what you're thinking. We know what you provide to us. We can't tell you why something isn't working if you don't give us the something that isn't working, and the thing that is producing the something.

If I understand correctly:
You want to display 36 templates in a repeater, but one 5 of them are displaying the actual data.

You're feeding the data for 5 instances, as shown in your second screenshot.
I'd drop the first query and change the second one to return data for all 36 instances. It's usually as simple as changing the join method or the where clause.

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