Flex Repeater Instance - View Parameter vs Custom Property


I have a flex repeater that shows instances of a view. This view has both view parameters and custom properties.

When the number of instances changes on the flex repeater, the view parameters for each instance track accordingly (as expected) but the custom properties for each view stay at the same position in the flex repeater.


Here we see the number is a parameter and the letters are a custom property. #1 is linked with A and #3 is linked with C.

After a new instance is added (#2), #1 is still linked with A but now #2 is linked with C as opposed to C sticking with instance #3.

As for trying to do away with custom properties and replacing with view parameters, the instances and each instances' parameters have a tag binding to a script that produces the instances as a list and I need to be able to modify some of the items in the view, thus I have to use custom properties.

I know this is probably expected behavior from the flex repeater, I'm wondering if there is something I can do to get around it.

Version: 8.1.20 (b2022082313)

How is the count being changed? A binding, or a script?

The Flex Repeater is doing absolutely nothing with any custom properties, as those are driven by the View being instanced.

Ultimately, we need more insight into how the Flex Repeater is configured and how you're updating the instances in order to really figure out what's going on here. Please provide some screenshots of the actual property structure in the Property Editor, and provide any scripts you're using to add instances.