Flex Repeater not working on preview mode

Hi Team,
I have a user dropdown, dropdown change creates an array and assigns to custom property (array type), It is binded to instances property in Flex Repeater.
Issue 1
On preview mode, when I change the dropdown Flex repeater is retaining the old values, but when I switch to design mode it shows the correct current value.

Issue 2
First drop down change creates 3 instances, and second dropdown created 2 instances.
But on preview mode, Flex repeater is retaining the old 1st item, only 2nd one is getting updated

In both scenarios, I checked the custom property it is changing correctly though.
Please share your thought.

Thank you

How are you writing to the instances of the Flex Repeater? Can you provide any clarity on that script/action?

It seems like issue 1 and 2 are related and still fall back to how you’re writing to the instances themselves.