Flex Repeater Performance Question?

Hey folks,

Ignition 8.0.7

I’m dealing with a flex repeater with 120 instances of a view. The view consists of 6 labels, 1 icon, and a button. It does not appear that I am having issues with icon loading as referenced here or here, as removing the icon does not resolve the issue. I’m experiencing load times around 9sec when navigating to or loading this window, and curious if this is expected with a flex repeater of this size. Removing all bindings results in the same performance. Changing which view is used in the repeater has no effect on performance either.

An example of the instance data is as follows:

  "instanceStyle": {
    "classes": ""
  "instancePosition": {},
  "Area": "Tank_Area",
  "Tank": "Tank_Name"

Reducing the number of instances directly reduces the load time, as you might expect.

Instances Load Time
120 9.0s
100 7.5s
80 6.0s
60 4.9s
40 3.5s
20 2.5s

Does this sound about right? At this point I’m at my wit’s end for isolating components or errors on my end that would cause the long load times.

I notice Paul says that the nightly on 8.0.8 has performance improvements to the repeater, and once it is stable I will be happy to upgrade.