Flex Repeater Type Casting Dates

I am using a flex repeater in 8.0.16 to show a view of some data. The instances are bound to a named query.


I am finding that for the date objects are showing in the designer as date objects, and I have setup the corresponding params on the subview.


With this setup, in my subview the object type is java.util.Date in the designer. However, when I switch over to runtime, the object is now org.python.core.PyUnicode.

This obviously throws all sorts of odd behavior. Is there a reason why the types are different when the params are sent to the subview in a flex repeater? Is this expected and I should always assume dates are sent as strings to the repeater instances?

The designer keeps trying to be smart and auto-upgrade the strings to date objects, so I am struggling to give the designer a date string to work with.

@ryanjmclaughlin, a fix for this behavior is available in the current nightly and will be part of the 8.1.2 release.