Flex Repeater with Dynamic Instances

Is it possible to bind the instances PROP of a Flex Repeater component to a query to pull the total number of jobs from a table (in order to always have an updated list of jobs in the Flex Repeater) while also filtering the instances by state (0, 1 ,2) so that the state 2 jobs are at the bottom of the instance list? The state of a job would have to come from each respective jobs tag state value.
I have not yet gotten to try this but plan to soon if I can ever find the time, I am just looking for opinions on if it would even be possible considering some of the data is coming from a database and other data is coming from a tag. I also do not have any experience in ordering instances, I am assuming this would have to be accomplished through a Query binding with transforms.

Definitely seems possible. I would agree that a query binding with transforms is the way to go.

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