Flex repeater with parameterized named query cannot bind

I have a named query with a fixed table name, and it executes properly to list all row in the MySQL table:

I then parameterize the same query so that the table name is dynamic, and it also works:

When I use the named query in a flex repeater, the query with the fixed table name works:

When I use the parameterized name query, the binding fails:

Can anyone explain how to make a parameterized table name in a named query work with a flex repeater?

It’s unlikely that you can concatenate a string and the QueryString like that.

Try passing in the complete table name in the OpenBallotTable query variable.

Thanks for the reply. Passing in the full table name does not fix it. The binding does not work.

You were right. I was wrong. You can do a partial table-name QueryString.

Named query QueryString

Figure 1. (1) I’m accessing the config table. (2) Enclose the QueryString in single quotes. (3) It works!

If you used the fx to use an expression or property Ignition will sort it out for you. I think you just need it for directly entered strings. It’s a bit confusing when the Named Queries Testing function doesn’t require them.