Flex Repeaters Crashing (Perspective)

Hello There,

We have noticed that when switching from page to page quickly on our Perspective app that occasionally the app will lock up/freeze as shown in the attached screenshots. It seems our flex repeaters will freeze at “Loading” or at a certain percentage.

Is there anyway to detect when the app has froze and make it automatically reload the page to get around these crashes?

Many Thanks

These look like they could be the result of a bug we just introduced a fix for this morning. When you encounter this, are there any errors in the browser console? (I understand those are mobile screenshots, but the same thing should theoretically happen on a desktop)

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cmallonee - I will do some testing on browser and see if i can recreate these errors. Will check for errors in browser console.

@cmallonee - I wasnt able to make the flex repeaters completely freeze i.e frozen at fixed percentage on desktop like what occurred on mobile. However, after switching pages quicky, I was able to see the flex repeaters take longer than usual to load (on desktop). When this happened - the following error appeared in console.

Does this error appear consistent with the bug that was fixed?

Yes, it’s a similar error; I’d say it’s worth trying out the nightly on a dev gateway to see if it fixes the issues you’re seeing.

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Thanks - we’ll give that a shot now

Late to the party, but yes, that’s exactly the error I was expecting to see. The fix merged in this morning should be available in the next posted nightly build.

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@cmallonee Thank you - is the fix in last nights nightly build, or will it only be in tonight’s?

It was merged this morning, so it will be available starting tomorrow.

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Perfect - thanks

@PGriffith @cmallonee Hi guys - so we updated to 8.0.11 Nightly this afternoon but are still encountering the issue/error. I was able to recreate it on desktop again - same error shows up in console. This only started happening after we upgraded to 8.0.9 last week.

New screenshots attached from today running on 8.0.11 nightly.

It looks like the merge occurred into the 8.0.10 branch (so that we could include it as part of the upcoming 8.0.10 release), which means it was sort of quarantined from the nightly releases. We’re working right now to fast-track it into the nightly releases. Thank you for bringing this to our attention - we know many users are looking forward to this fix and our intent is to get it out as quickly as is sanely and safely possible. I’ll check the nightly build first thing in the morning to verify the fix is present.

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Perfect - thanks for the update.

It looks like there was an issue copying the release to the file server, so the posted nightly looks to still be from March 3rd. As soon as we update the posted nightly with the new files, you should be able to obtain the fix.

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hi guys!

are there some news about this issue? I have the same problem…

Are you on 8.0.10 or 8.0.11?


I am on 8.0.9

As replies above you noted, the issue is only fixed in 8.0.10 (now stable) or 8.0.11 (expected to release next week).


Thanx! I’ll try the 8.0.10 version)