Flex View with Scroll Bar

I have a screen with 5 repeaters on it.
The instances in the repeater grow depending on the number instances in each repeater.
This works great when the number of instances in each repeater is small but when its large it squishes the views inside the flex repeater.
I need the height of each embedded view to stay the same and if it they grow larger than the screen, then just put a scroll bar and the user will then have to scroll.
Any suggestions on this?

You can specify that the Flex Repeater instances should use the default height of the View they are displaying by setting useDefaultHeight, but this means that each instance will no longer resize to accommodate other instances. Alternatively, make sure to set FlexRepeater.props.elementPosition.shrink to something other than 1 as a value of 1 means that each instanced View will shrink as much as is needed to allow everything to fit into the Flex Repeater. A value of 0.5 means that the instance will shrink down by up to half of its original size in order to accommodate other instances.

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I gave that a try and that didn’t change anything.
Maybe i need re-word what I’m trying to do.

I want a scroll bar to be there when necessary.
Changing the shrink property to 0.5 seems like it’ll shrink down half its original size to fit in the given space.
I don’t want the elements to shrink, I’m fine with a scroll bar on the right.

Sounds like you want shrink=0.


Awesome, that did it.
Thank you!