FlexContainer items re-order


It's not possible to reorder items in a flex container using the UI when there is a 'not display' item in the middle.

I can do it.

Flex hidden comp reorder

In you sample I see that your "not display" item goes to the end!! So i think that you have the problem!

In my case: try 5 items in Horizontal. Disable the third. Try to move last to the first.
It will stop before the third.

here you are my sample:


Maybe use the z order buttons?

In the Project Browser you can cut them and paste them at the end of the list. But I see that if you cut and past a group they get pasted in the reverse order!

I see this issue sometimes with reordering (or even renaming views and components) - I'll drag the component in a flex container like you're doing but it'll move back to it's old position OR I'll hit the Enter key after renaming a view or component and it'll go back to the original name. What I usually do that helps in those cases is to close the view and reopen it. If it doesn't stop, I'll relaunch the designer. Usually after reopening the view, things work better for me.

Hi, this is another bug and it happens to me too and i solve it like you.

I will try. I'm quite certain it's a bug, but it isn't a significant issue. I wrote the post only to point out the question.

not only can you not drag-n-drop, but the buttons either fling the item to the TOP or the BOTTOM of the z-stack. both buttons basically do the same thing; the move 'one level' button shoves the element to the max level (top/bottom) instead of just one. which means you have to reorder EVERYTHING to just move ONE thing. i really hope this gets fixed as soon as possible.

I think the items in a flex container might all have the same default z-index, so moving one level up or down makes it go to the top or bottom.


hm... that makes a kind of sense, but it is a real :dog2: on organizing. same for the Project Browser. that thing behaves the same way. i spend hours just re-stacking components and embeds so there's some kind of logical order to the view. oh well. maybe next rev will see some improvements there.

gonna experiment with the z-order notion... :)

Maybe you can use css's order to move things around in flex containers ?

oh, yeah, that totally works. i'm more frustrated that bumping the z-index button slams :poop: to the bottom/top of the stack instead of just one level. so it's not necessarily a display issue, it's just a keep-things-organized issue. we actually have very little visual overlap in our projects; just a :fork_and_knife: nightmare of unlabeled components haphazardly strewn through unlabeled views. which i get to clean up. :broom:

coming from a webDev background, i see these as HTML elements (and since we work exclusively in Perspective, i think that's good). so when i just want to move an element up or down, and it goes ALL THE DAMN WAY up or down, i get testy. maybe even a tad frosty. :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:

i also suffer from borderline OCD, and that makes it extra 'fun'. basically, it's a clown car in my head. :clown_face: