Flexrepeater view being cut off from the top

I am trying to use a flex repeater in my application. One issue that I am having is that the flex repeater seems to be cut off from the top by the header.

Anyone run into this issue and want to recommend anything?

Do you have the Header (Docked View) set to cover content? Or is it configured to "push" content?

It is set to "push".

If I use marginTop on the flexrepeater, I can get it to push down, but then if I zoom in or out, it again distorts.

Under no circumstance should the Primary View display under the top Docked View if the configuration is to "push" content. Given such a configuration, the content should be pushed down - resulting in scrollbars.

Please verify you've saved the project. If you have indeed saved the project and you still see this behavior you might need to reach out to Support because this is unexpected behavior.

Could you share a screenshot of the entire page? I'm curious if there are scrollbars to the side that have just been omitted from the screenshot.

Hi looks like the issue was that the flex container's property, (outside the flex repeater) the content and items flex properties were set to flex start and flex-end respectively. This caused this issue.