Flexx repeater not scrolling


I am trying to develop a view with a flexx repeater, at the end of it there is a legend with some details.
When the items are too much the repeater is taking the space of the legend.
I would like to have as scroll so that the repeater takes always the same space.

I have set useDefaultViewHeight to true and elementPosition to both 0 and 1 but nothing seems to change.

Can you please give me a suggestion on how to accomplish this?
many thanks

Can you describe the component hierarchy ?
I mean, what container do the repeater and legend have in common ? Are they flex repeaters, coordinate containers… ? etc.

it is a view with a flex repeater and at the end of it some labels and pictures (not nested into a container)
so everything is at same level and they are in a coordinate container

Setting overflow in the flex repeater’s style properties should be enough.

works! many thanks