Flip Bar Chart vertically


I’m trying to create a vision window using a bar chart showing positive values from top moving downwards. I also want the axis label to be on the top, almost like flipping/mirror the chart vertically.

Does anyone now how to do something like this?

Hilsen Stian

I think you can use a Vision chart set as category type, and rendered as a bar chart. You can use the chart customizer to move your axis and labels around. For the life of me i could not get the chart to work in category mode, i am sure i just missed something obvious though.

This forced me learn more about how charts work, and now i have a better answer! Yes you can, you just need to set the jfree axis to inverted and to change the domain axis location. I put this on a mouse click event just as a test.

from org.jfree.chart.axis import AxisLocation


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That was exactly what i was trying to achieve

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