Fliter Alarm table in perspective

Hello Everyone , I was trying ignition 8.0.3 for the perspective pages .can anyone one help in filtering the Alaram by dateTime, I have pulled in the alarm status table with simulated tags. By using passing the parameter to the URL I was able to filter the generated Alarms by its Name / location . Now the challenge is how can i do the same(filter the alarms ) on to the same alarm status table for TimeStamp(eventtime is the DB column name). I have tired adding a ‘value’ parameter right below the Text parameter property in filters of the Alarm status table and bounded with QueryBinding (created named Queries also) . Can anyone give me the solution . Thanks in advance

I was looking for the same thing and I couldn’t find it.
What I noticed though is that it has a “text” filter that works for a single date, the problem is that I could only make it filter by one thing, either date or term. For example, you can ‘filter by date’ by typing 2019-12-05 and it will retrieve all alarms in this date. In my case, I need to filter by date range, by terms, etc.
I think I’ll have to develop my own alarm table.

Here’s the example I’m talking about, filter by today’s date at 10am, any minute
(see the properties on the right side, props.filters.active.text):

I hope it helps. But this wasn’t enough for me.

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