Float Number with more decimal places

I have a Standard Transaction group that is recording the value of a real number in an AB Compact Logix. The real number is in the range 0.00004 but it only shows up in Ignition as 0.000 and it also stores it as a zero in the database. Is there anyway to get a few more decimal places?

Hi Ken,

I assumed that your OPC item in your transaction group was reading from a tag…

I was able to get a tag to display your number, 0.00004, by going to the Metadata of the Tag Editor and adding a few more #### after the decimal place.

Hope this helps

Do you change it here?

Yes, I did. Did this work for you?

No I could not get it to work. It still displays only 3 decimals.

You may have to grab it as a string. That may also mean changing the datatype of the db column, as well.

Are you using the database query browser to look at the value?
Try looking at the value directly from the table using workbench / management studio.