Float numbers in MySQL

I’m storing tag values (Float4) in a MySQL DB, using a historical transaction group. When I view the stored data with the database query browser in the designer the format has changed to integer and the numbers after the decimal point are lost or rounded.
How can I store float format numbers?


That means the datatype in the database for that column is not a float. It must be an integer. Open up the MySQL Workbench tool and check it out. You can modify the database table to make that column a float.

The table was created by the Ignition transaction group and the tags in the transaction group had the right format. (Integer, Boolean, Float, etc.)
Does that mean I have to change the format of each column manually afterwards with MySQL workbench?
I need to create 3 tables with approximately 100 columns each, is there a way that the database just uses the same number format as the tag automatically?
Should I use another database then MySQL?


Can you query the data from the MySQL workbench directly and see what the results are? That way you will know if they are actually being stored as INTs.

The values in the DB are rounded (1.25 = 1; 3.65 = 4)
MySQL workbench shows int(11) under column information

Right, I bet the table was created initially with integers and later you used a float value. Transaction groups don’t go back and alter the data type once the table was created.

At first all my tags were Boolean and integer. I created the transaction group and the transaction group created the table.
Then I changed some integer tags to float, deleted the table and had the transaction group create a new table with a different name. But in the new table everything is again integer.
I think I will delete the table again and delete the transaction group and create everything new.

Yes, try that. If Ignition still creates integer columns we will need to look at the database translator.

Deleted and recreated the transaction group and the table and now everything works fine.

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