Float Rounding over DNP3 Connection


I'm trying to send float values over DNP3 from an SEL RTAC to my Ignition designer window, and I can't seem to stop it from rounding like an integer. For example, when I push a value of 123.45 over DNP3 I get a value of 123.00 from my tag.

I've tried a few things so far, but to no avail:
-I updated the Variation of my DNP3 tag to 5 for a single-precision float.
-I updated my Device Connection settings in my gateway so that the defaults value types for Analog Input Points are Floats.
-I made sure the Data Type of my OPC tag is float

I still can't tell if the problem is on the SEL RTAC side or on the Ignition side. Either way looking for any tips to stop the rounding from general DNP3 users or for people that have used SEL RTAC with Ignition before.

Any thoughts?

Wireshark would be a good place to start.

Also, if you’re on Ignition 8.1 and can upgrade to latest, check out the sticky post about the new DNP3 beta module.

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Did you ever manage to find a fix? I am running into a similar problem. When Ignition performs an integrity poll its truncating the floats to integers, but regular event data seems to be fine. This issue I'm only seeing with SEL RTACs, Allen Bradley PLCs in the same system aren't showing this behavior.

I'm on Ignition Version 8.1