Float Value doesn't appear by a Script event (on Click)

Hi everyone I have these 3 Displays and a want tomake the division Tiempo Esperado = Memoria 1 / Standar Rate Memoria 1 (200/88 = 2.27).
This is the Code that I have made:

self.getSibling("TiempoEsperado_dsp").props.value = self.getSibling("Memoria1_dsp").props.value/self.getSibling("StdRateMEM1_dsp").props.value

Is there another way to display the float value. I made a Cast to float but it only shows the integer.

Best regards.

Integers divided by integers yield integers, in python. Include a float in the expression to get floating point math. Could be as simple as prefixing your expression with 1.0 * ....