Floating-point digit separator on easy chart

I created a SQL table with a Y_Axes_Limit (format: float(24,0)) feild inside, Windows 10 OS, Ignition v 8.1.36. for example:

Name, Y_Axes_Limit
pen1, 10000
pen2, 30
pen3, 200

when I used a Easy Chart to read this Y_Axes_Limit feild as its Y-axes of that Easy Chart, when in English language it will work perfect, however when it work in Turkey Language,
it will display 100.000(dot as a thousandth separator) and 300 and 2.000(dot as a thousandth seperator)
All Y axes values are 10 TIMES (!!!) the original value in the database. This causes all preset Y-axes to be incorrect in Turkey language

when I read those feilds from the same SQL table into HMI or a Power Table, it will display correctly in whatever language, displaying as: 10000, 30, 200

not sure what caused my problem, It seems that the easy chart component is not parsing the numbers correctly. I confirm that my Window 10 system is set to Decimal symbal (dot) and Digit grouping symbol (comma).

any help will be very appreciated.

In the Axes dataset, there is a number format column:

The default Easy Chart number formatting can be overridden here. A simple # symbol in this column will eliminate the decimal/comma from the number.

Here is some usefull information that will help with number formatting:
numberFormat | Ignition User Manual