Floating Point format not working in Template

Hi, I have a Template with a Custom Property called ScaledEU of Type String. The Number Format Pattern is #,##0.#. When I use the Template I am not getting the decimal. Example: 14.32 shows as 14, should show as 14.2. If I simply use a Numeric Label with the same format and bind it to the same SQL tag I’m using in the Template binding it displays correctly. What could be the issue?

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Correction: My Custom Property called ScaledEU is of Type Float, NOT String.

That sounds like there’s a conversion to integer in some property along the way. Is there a reason you must use a string property?

I posted a correction, it was a Float, not a String. I’m using Float all the way thru. Double checked everything. Using a A-B ControlLogix which is 32-bit so using Float instead of Double. Just getting unexpected results. Even set the SQL tags Format in Meta Data to #,##0.#.