Floating precision forced limit on screen in perspective

This feels like it's easy and I'm missing the point, that happens alot.
Problem statement: Tags in perspective had a high level of precision when bound to a Props.text.
I first changed the tag property to force 2 digits only by doing .##, but noticed that the display was using it as a string. So I added a Transform to force it to a number, thinking that would be the fix:

And it looks great at 3. The folks at work want it limited to two. So I'm almost there. If that Format Pattern field wasn't greyed out...

What have I missed?

2.1457672 × 10-4 = 0.00021457672.
Round that to two decimal places and ...

If you want to use a format pattern, change your format field from Number to Pattern.
Also, if you want to force two decimals don't use .## use .00

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so i picked a bad screenshot, trying to show the transform. Understood. Here is another example showing the issue as described.

I want to fix that at 2 digits. the transform property doesn't have a format field that I can edit.

Use an expression binding instead:
numberFormat(2.1457672e-4, "0.00E00")


oh super helpful, thank you.