Flyway and jdbc

Hi all,

I've now moved on to evaluating flyway as a mechanism to keep our DB in sync with our modules. I've built a simple java module that connects to a local MSSQL DB and starts to do a migration. This all works. When I move the same java code into our GatewayHook I get the message:

org.flywaydb.core.api.FlywayException: Unable to instantiate JDBC driver: => Check whether the jar file is present

I've looked in the module.xml and I can see the JDBC jar is present in CD and G scope so I'm pretty sure it's there. Moreover I can make a simple JDBC connection from GatewayHook to the DB using native java, but for some bizarre reason I cannot do the same using the flyway API. Has anyone come across this [ and hopefully solved it ] in the past?

I'm using Maven as a build tool - I've seen a few posts about modlImpl in gradle but would really rather not have to redo my entire build system if I can avoid it.


Ignition deliberately buries JDBC drivers in a segregated classloader so that connection pooling works uniformly across the platform. I'm not sure you'll be able to make brand-specific access to JDBC drivers within Ignition.

Ignition users and module developers are expected to use the vanilla JDBC functionality exposed by the platform.

Yeah, that makes sense Phil. I also tried going down the DataManager route to supply flyway with the JDBC connection but it didn't seem too keen on it. I'll look into it more on head is now spinning after a day of tweaking pom files and java code.