Focus Issues with Mobile Project

I suspect I know the answer to this, but here goes. :smiley:

I have a mobile project used to enter shipping information. The folks writing the specs want focus to change from one text field to the next when Enter is pressed. Works perfectly when I’m testing in Designer or running this as a project on my PC. As soon as I run it as a Mobile project, this function stops working. I’m assuming in advance that this is just a limitation based on how the Mobile Module works?


I guess this is a Mobile issue, and I’m short on luck? Thanks.

Yeah, this is a current issue with the mobile module. It appears that pulling up the keyboard with the click wheel means that the click wheel steals all key events away from the component. After the release of 7.6, the mobile module is very high on the priority list of things to be refactored. I’ll put a note in our ticket system for this to be looked at.

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not sure if you can answer this but what are you guys gonna do with the mobile module? is it gonna be the same vnc type connection or will it be something more html-ish like the alarm acknowledgement link that gets emailed in 7.6? or perhaps a full blown app available on apple and android?

In the near term (very near) we’re going to do what we can to make it a bit more robust given the existing architecture, as well as port the existing stuff to java 7.

Long term, we have some more exciting plans 8)

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Nope, sorry mum’s the word for now.

Back to the original issue of this post, I think we’ve nailed it down.

They keyCode of key events was being zeroed out incorrectly. This is fixed for 7.6.4

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