Focus problem with multiple developers

When multiple developers are editing a project, if one developer saves the project in the Designer this moves the focus of all other developers with Designers open. This is very frustrating when you are typing away at the screen and look up to find nothing is appearing!

:scratch: Really? What exactly are you editing that loses focus?

I generally notice it when I’m typing code into an event handler. After further testing it turns out that the problem only occurs under the following circumstances:

  1. You’re running on Linux.
  2. You have a client open on the same machine you’re running the Designer on.
  3. You have push updates turned on for the client.
  4. The client is not minimised (I only found this one out tonight).

This seems a rather specific set of conditions but it just so happens they are true for my normal development environment!

The client window is updated when another developer saves the project and seems to grab the focus, but doesn’t come to the top of the z order. It would appear to be a problem with X… We have noticed some other general window weirdness on Linux, such as the error dialogue not being shown on-screen until you maximise it. We’ve not been able to pin down what causes that one.

Ok this definitely helps. I’ll see what we can do.